Spooky Cake Pops – Round 1

So I did it. After years of wanting to try to do cake pops, but being a bit intimidated, I finally took the plunge! After briefly reviewing a few tutorials, it seemed straightforward enough. I got the cake mix. I got the frosting. This won’t be too bad I thought. Items on hand, I was ready to attempt these little guys below. I had lost the original website with the walk-thru, but I wasn’t worried. I mean, really how hard could it be?


Kids and I mashed up the baked cake with a spoon and added about half a container of frosting. Punky and I rolled two different sizes, one for the head and one for the body. Buster contributed by eating a few then took off to watch Disney Junior.

We enjoyed using the pretzels to make the legs and to connect the body to the head. We were having a hard time getting all 8 legs in without completely crumbling the balls. So they ended up being insects and not arachnids. I suspect that we could have avoided this by crumbling the cake better and by making the balls larger. We put them in freezer for 15 minutes. In hindsight, it should have been longer. We melted milk chocolate morsels in the microwave. Once thoroughly melted, we placed the bugs on a spoon and dipped in chocolate. That’s when our little project went from iffy to disaster.

The balls crumbled. The heads and legs popped off. Most of the cake didn’t leave the chocolate bowl. It was bad. While we did enjoy scooping little cake bits out of the chocolate bowl, the cake ball spiders definitely got the best of us this time. I have since found the recipe and will be trying again in the next few days.

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