Monstrous Cake Pops – Round 2

Despite the not so awesome results on the cake ball spiders, we decided to go for it again, this time as cake pops. I felt confident. I knew what I did wrong last time. I used too much frosting, I didn’t breakdown the cake well enough, and barely cooled them. Yes, we were going to make it work this time!

In keeping with the Halloween them, we used Duncan Hines Orange Supreme cake mix. We mixed in a vanilla frosting and rolled into balls. We then melted green candy melts at 30 second intervals in the microwave.


We then dipped the sticks into the green candy, then inserted into the balls. They were then refrigerated for two hours. I love how they look like pumpkins at this stage and it definitely gave me ideas for future projects.


We then pulled them out of the refrigerator and started dipping them into the melted chocolate. In hindsight, I should have brought them out of the refrigerator in smaller batches and ensured the chocolate was ready to go every time. Instead, by the end, they were getting warmer and started coming off the stick while dipping. We did use vegetable oil to thin out the chocolate. The chocolate was too thick to dip into without thinning. Punky loved how the oil changed the consistency so drastically and called it magic. We’ll need to continue playing around with the oil and chocolate combination to perfect the consistency. Next time we’ll also use cups instead of bowls to provide a deeper area to dip into while using the same amount of chocolate.


We continued to dip with limited success. The green guys held steady, but as the process went on, they started sliding down the sticks. I used a piping bag to decorate the survivors. I used the same melted chocolate to pipe that I did to dip. I should have used two different mixtures, using a thicker consistency for the detail work. The results are kind of horrifying.


Of the 20 that we made, only 5 made it long enough to be decorated. They were way too big, which was the main reason they fell. The shallow container size caused us to wiggle the pops around in the chocolate way too much too, which loosened the seal between the stick and the cake. It’s an improvement, but we will continue working on it.


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