The Central Florida Highland Games Plus Buster Equals a Trip to Urgent Care

As  mentioned in a previous post, Buster broke his leg recently. A spiral fracture to the tibia to be exact. The day started innocuously enough. I decided to take the kids to the Central Florida Highland Games. What could happen, right?

The Central Florida Highland Games is a huge festival that is held every January in northeast Orlando. It’s kind of like the Renaissance Fair with kilts and haggis. And border collies. And bagpipes. OK, maybe it’s not like the Renaissance Fair at all. However you will see plenty of adults playing dress up. I digress.

batman-face-paint-toddlerflower-face-paint-girlI took the kids after for the afternoon. We started at the children’s area which was wonderful. Our first stop was the face painting booth. Punky got a Hibiscus and Buster got a blue Batman. He kind of likes the color blue. Just a little. He could not stop checking himself out in the mirror and making faces. He thought he looked so cool!

Afterwards, we checked out the many games and the super nice kids craft area. Several hours could be spent just in the kids area. The organizers really did an excellent job.

Below, a video of the kids playing tug of war. Buster was just along for the ride!

We left the kids area to check out the booths and watch some of the competitions. Unfortunately I was too busy wrangling children to get many good photos. I did get one of the baked goods booth. Priorities. I think I could have ate one of everything. Notice the Empire Biscuits, which are featured in Brave. They were delicious!


We then made our way to visit the clan tents. I was happy to see that both my mother’s and my grandmother’s clan were represented. We stopped by to visit a friend at one of the booths, then made our way to watch the games. You know, as in the Highland Games. Unfortunately, situated between the clan tents and the games was a hill. And of course my children wanted to roll down it like all the other children. Stupidly,  I let them.

Typical Buster. Spiral fracture to the tibia and he’s kicking the wall with his tongue out, not a care in the world.

It went well for the first few minutes. But then Buster tripped transitioning from the slopped surface to the flat ground. And I heard a pop. Then hysteric crying. I ran, afraid of what I was going to see. Much to my surprise, I saw nothing. He cried for several minutes, but eventually found solace in his thumb. At this point, we packed up and went to urgent care, just in case. I thought I was over reacting. Much to my surprise, he had a spiral fracture. Thankfully, it missed his growth plates. Urgent care gave him a soft cast and we were on our way. Several days later, we took him to an orthopedic doctor. He was in excellent spirits, as if nothing had happened. He got a hard cast and a teeny tiny wheelchair and we were on our way.

I will end on a serious note. This blog focuses on my family’s life in Central Florida. Orlando has been a wonderful home to me. I moved to the city in my 20’s and spent several years living in Thornton Park, a neighborhood just east of downtown. My roommate and I would often head down to what is now known as the SODO (South of Downtown Orlando) district to get our Chipolte fix. We also frequented Pulse Nightclub, also in SODO. It was a fun place and a very happy period in my life.

Buster’s doctor appointment was in SODO. I suggested we eat at Dunkin’ Donuts after the appointment, only remembering its proximity to Pulse after my kids were doing the donut chant in the backseat. I didn’t really want to stop, but I had promised the kids.

This neighborhood had once been a place of such fond memories. Both my children were born a few blocks up the street. I often visited the Wendy’s (pictured) after my OB/GYN appointments to quell morning sickness. Going back now is extremely eerie. I tell this story and post the picture below to remind people that for many, it is not just a headline. This wasn’t some seedy club on the outskirts of town. This was a beloved establishment that was an integral part of our community.


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