Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt – Don’t Trip on Your Toes!

Finally! Today I am posting our first scavenger hunt at Walt Disney World Resort. This is a picture scavenger hunt at the Magic Kingdom. The theme for this one is flooring. Answers are at the bottom.

Hint: All pictures were taken outside. Ride queues, attractions, and other interior spaces are not part of this hunt.


magic kingdom scavenger hunt restrooms
1. A nice place to grab some shade… and maybe a restroom break.
magic kingdom scavenger hunt liberty square
2. Time it right, you might hear a horn in the distance.
magic kingdom scavenger hunt horse shoes
3. Was it Philippe?
magic kingdom scavenger hunt giraffe
4. Get your peanuts!
magic kingdom scavenger hunt frontierland
5. Hope you have a fast pass!
magic kingdom scavenger hunt christmas store
6. Don’t forget to do your Christmas shopping!
magic kingdom scavenger hunt castle
7. It almost looks regal.
magic kingdom scavenger hunt adventureland
8. A whole new world.
magic kingdom fantasyland scavenger hunt
9. One might expect this to be a bookstore entrance. It’s not.
magic kingdom castle scavenger hunt
10. You’re on the right path. Just don’t get caught in the briar patch!
magic kingdom tracks scavenger hunt
11. The nemesis of every stroller that enters the Magic Kingdom.
magic kingdom tomorrowland scavenger hunt
12 Just a big cog in a wheel.


1. Tunnel between Adventureland and Frontierland.

2. Liberty Square, near the outdoor food kiosk and the Hall of Presidents.

3. Can be found throughout the new portion of Fantasyland.

4. Storybook Circus, near the dining area.

5. Near the entrance to Splash Mountain.

6. Outside Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

7. North side (carousel side) of Cinderella’s Castle.

8. Near the Magic Carpet’s of Aladdin.

9. Exterior entry into Village Gifts.

10. Tunnel between Adventureland and Frontierland (near Pirates of the Caribbean).

11. Tracks on Main Street.

12.Near Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland.


I hope you enjoyed this Magic Kingdom scavenger hunt! More will be posted soon.



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